Were You Seriously Injured In A New York Subway Accident?

The New York City subway system has been called one of the industrial wonders of the world. Each year, NYC residents, commuters to the city and visitors take billions of subway rides. Unfortunately, with so much equipment and property to maintain and so much activity on platforms and trains, serious accidents are bound to occur.

Turn To Trial Lawyers With Extensive Mass Transit Accident Case Experience

At the law firm of Goidel & Siegel LLP in Manhattan, we have in-depth knowledge of premises liability laws and municipal liability requirements — both of which may be essential if you were injured in an NYC subway accident, a city-owned bus accident or another mass transit accident.

Our lawyers are well-prepared to investigate what happened and assess your legal options after subway accidents and injuries such as:

  • A serious fall on a defective or inadequately maintained stairway into or out of a subway station
  • A slip-and-fall accident on an icy, snow-covered or otherwise slippery subway platform
  • A sudden or "short" stop that threw you against a hard surface while riding the train

Fast action to involve a qualified lawyer is critical after any accident on dangerous property — but it is especially so if the liable party is a government entity such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). Strict time limits and filing deadlines apply to all such claims. Many premises liability cases also depend on your lawyer having the opportunity to recover evidence before a hazard is repaired or removed.

We Hold Government Agencies Accountable For Injury-Causing Negligence

Attorneys at our firm have many decades of experience recovering compensation for victims of subway accidents, as well as bus, taxi and other mass transit accidents. We are not at all intimidated by the intensive requirements associated with suing a government agency. Our many close working relationships with engineers, product designers, animators, accident reconstruction experts and other top-notch professionals may also prove essential in your case.

To explain what happened and discuss the extent of your injuries with a caring, knowledgeable lawyer, please contact us now by telephone or email. We will provide a free initial consultation and case evaluation, traveling to visit you at home or in the hospital if you cannot come to us.