Clear Legal Guidance And Strong Representation For Sidewalk Accident Victims

Did you suffer a serious fall on a cracked, broken or heaving sidewalk in New York City? Will you need surgery, miss significant work or even face life with a permanent disability as a result? The personal injury lawyers at our firm, Goidel & Siegel LLP, are here to answer all of your questions and take decisive action if you have a valid claim against a property owner or some other liable party.

Do You Have The Right To Recover Compensation From A Negligent Property Owner?

With the exception of city-owned property, New York's Administrative Code assigns responsibility for necessary sidewalk maintenance and repairs to adjoining property owners. In some cases, we learn that property owners have been notified of safety violations by the Department of Transportation but failed to make adequate repairs.

Our attorneys have extensive experience proving property owners' negligence and holding them financially accountable after trip-and-fall accidents and other traumatic events on dangerous property. We start building compelling cases for trial from day one, emphasizing:

  • Rigor in investigation and the gathering of evidence such as repair and construction records — or the absence of any effort to correct a dangerous condition
  • Diligence in showing the total impact of a serious fall on such a hard surface on our client's life, which often extends far beyond the direct costs of medical treatment

In one of numerous sidewalk fall cases we have handled throughout the NYC metro area, we obtained a $600,000 recovery for a man who tripped over a curb cut that we established was made by the adjoining property owner in violation of applicable codes. Review other personal injury case results.

Sidewalk safety is a serious issue for pedestrians because fall victims often suffer severe knee and ankle injuries, broken wrists and other fractures, neck and back injuries and even concussions or other brain trauma. You can count on us to take your concerns seriously and do all we can to help.

Turn To Our Dedicated Legal Team For Prompt, Reliable Guidance

We are well-equipped to evaluate your sidewalk accident claim or other trip-and-fall injury claim anywhere in New York City's five boroughs. We have pursued litigation against landlords, construction companies and others guilty of injury-causing negligence. For a free, no-risk case evaluation, call (212) 840-3737 or email our firm right now.