Were You Attacked Because Of Negligent Security?

Property owners in New York are required by law to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of people who visit their property for legal purposes. This includes the obligation to repair or remove physical hazards that could injure patrons, tenants or others. Premises liability laws also require property owners to implement basic security measures that help prevent criminal attacks and assaults.

Our Attorneys Have Extensive Experience Proving Property Owners' Negligence

If you were physically assaulted, suffered significant injury, and believe a lack of adequate security enabled the attack, you can turn to Goidel & Siegel LLP with confidence. Both of our founding partners have extensive experience pursuing negligent security claims, and attorney Andrew Siegel has built a widespread reputation for representing victims of assaults in nightclubs where security systems and procedures were absent or ignored.

Attacks In Nightclubs · Assaults On Commercial Property · Apartment Invasions

Terms such as "basic" and "adequate" security are subject to interpretation based on the specific circumstances of your attack. You need a lawyer who will lead a thorough investigation and carefully analyze all available evidence and witness testimony. A few of many scenarios that may enable you to recover compensation from a negligent property owner include:

  • A shooting or stabbing in a nightclub where criminal activity is a known problem but there are no metal detectors at entry points and security personnel fail to intervene
  • An assault occurring in a commercial establishment located in a high-crime area but lacking sufficient surveillance, lighting and alarms to deter such attacks
  • An attack in your apartment, flat or other rental property enabled by broken locks or other serious security risks that the property owner/landlord knew about but did not address

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When you contact our personal injury firm, we will treat you with care and respect, recognizing that your injuries and suffering are very real whether or not a lawsuit alleging inadequate security is justified. If we do identify a legitimate cause of action, you will have determined, highly skilled trial lawyers on your side every step of the way on your quest for fair and just financial compensation