We Target Maximum Compensation For NYC Motorcycle Accident Victims

Motorcycles are an excellent transportation choice for many New Yorkers. They are highly economical and environmentally gentle compared to other vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcyclists have essentially no physical protection when an accident occurs, and outcomes of motorcycle accidents often include head and brain injuries, back and spinal injuries, multiple fractures, devastating lacerations and permanent scarring.

Count On Respect For Your Decision To Ride · Get The Balanced, Engaged Advocacy You Deserve After A Devastating Motorcycle Crash

If you were injured on your motorcycle by a negligent driver, our attorneys at Goidel & Siegel LLP will put your needs and concerns first. Our founding lawyers, Jonathon Goidel and Andrew Siegel, are both renowned and respected trial attorneys who have earned many exceptional outcomes for our clients over the past 25 years.

Motorcycle accident litigation is familiar territory for us. We recognize that your challenges may include:

  • Disproving an offending driver's claim that you were "impossible" to see and avoid — or that you brought the accident upon yourself through reckless riding
  • Managing complex and disputed insurance coverage issues
  • Recovering sufficient compensation to help you achieve a full medical recovery — or enough money to fund all of your rehabilitative and adaptive needs

We deal with insurance companies every working day. We know that motorcyclists and their families rarely receive just compensation unless they enlist a qualified lawyer willing to take their claims through trial or appeal if necessary. For a free personal injury consultation and an informed, realistic evaluation of your rights, please call us at (212) 840-3737 or contact us online.