Injured By Defective Work Equipment Or Another Dangerous Product?

After some serious and fatal accidents, investigation into what happened raises concern that a machine, tool or other product involved was fundamentally unsafe for its intended use. If further analysis indicates that such a product had a serious design or manufacturing defect — or there was a failure to warn about known risks of injury or death — a product liability lawsuit may be the right course of action.

Most people's awareness of product liability laws comes from media coverage of recalls and litigation surrounding automobile defects and dangerous medications. At Goidel & Siegel LLP, we do not pursue this type of "mass tort" litigation, but our attorneys have substantial, successful experience recovering compensation for individuals seriously injured by defective industrial and recreational products in the New York City metro area.

In one prominent product liability case, our law firm filed suit on behalf of an immigrant factory worker whose arm was severely broken when it became entangled in a fabric-winding machine that lacked sufficient guarding at its pinch points. After the court ruled that the question of whether the machine was dangerous would be decided by a jury, the defendant settled with our client for $455,000. See more case results here.

Not all personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and resources required to pursue product liability claims effectively. Research and case preparation are costly in these cases, and credible testimony by legitimate experts is almost always a critical component in negotiations or at trial. Our firm's established strengths include:

  • Dedication to enlisting the most qualified experts available — such as engineers, metallurgists, other materials experts, and product designers able to identify and present cost-effective product design alternatives
  • Proven ability to manage all aspects of complex injury or wrongful death litigation involving multiple defendants
  • Decades of experience bringing third-party claims against those responsible for manufacturing, distributing or providing dangerous products for use on construction sites and in other work applications

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