Turn To Attorneys Experienced In Resolving Business And Real Estate Disputes

Do you need to confront a financially significant conflict with a partner, client, supplier or someone else with whom you conducted business? Have you been misled in a real estate purchase or another high-value transaction? Perhaps a business partner or the other party in a transaction threatened legal action or filed suit against you.

At Goidel & Siegel LLP in New York City, we have several attorneys with extensive business litigation and dispute resolution experience. Our work in this area of law is driven by our strong understanding of the many intensive demands on business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and investors. While we are accomplished trial lawyers, we are dedicated to helping clients find the most practical, advantageous ways to address:

  • Partnership disputes and shareholder disputes — including those that can only be resolved through a planned and carefully executed corporate dissolution or "business divorce"
  • Disputes over commercial real estate transactions and other high-value deals
  • Various other commercial disputes involving unpaid obligations, alleged financial wrongdoing, failures to disclose known property defects, and more

Consult A Focused, Effective Business Litigation Attorney Today

While personal injury litigation is our primary focus at Goidel & Siegel LLP, we rigorously protect our clients financial interests in business dealings as well. Our wide-ranging legal knowledge and practical approach are invaluable assets.

For a consultation focused on your immediate concern or ongoing legal needs, please contact us at (212) 840-3737 or via email anytime. Our firm is a go-to resource for numerous business clients in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and throughout the NYC metro area.