Were You Injured In A New York City Bus Or Taxi Accident?

Public transit options in all five boroughs of New York City are absolutely essential for tens of millions of people. Although taking mass transit or a cab is far more safe, all variables considered, than driving your own vehicle, serious accidents are fairly common. At Goidel & Siegel LLP in Manhattan, we help victims recover all available compensation and move on from bus accidents, taxicab accidents and other life-altering accidents on NYC roadways.

Bus-Car Collisions · Sudden Stops · Driver Negligence

Every attorney on our cohesive team has significant trial experience. This means that we are prepared and willing to take your bus or taxi accident the distance if no fair settlement offer comes forward. Our proven capabilities cover the spectrum of:

  • Collisions involving city-owned buses and ordinary passenger vehicles
  • Falls and impact injuries caused by bus drivers "stopping short" without warning
  • Accidents caused by cab drivers, many of which are due to cellphone use behind the wheel in violation of applicable laws
  • Injuries suffered while getting on or off a bus, typically caused by a driver's failure to prioritize riders' safety or a physical defect at the bus stop

We know from decades of intensive experience representing NYC injury victims that serious, life-changing injuries — and even tragic fatalities — often occur under unusual circumstances. When you choose to contact us, we will treat you with care and respect from day one through resolution of your injury or wrongful death case.

After a 92-year-old woman suffered a broken hip due to the sudden closing of a bus door that threw her to the ground, we presented her case for compensation to a Manhattan jury. The end result was a $450,000 settlement for our client. View more case outcomes drawn from our lawyers' decades of experience representing serious accident victims in New York.

We Stand Up For Our Clients Against The MTA And Other Public Entities

We know that a bus or taxi accident can turn your life and your family's world inside-out. For a free consultation and case evaluation focused squarely on what is best for you, call (212) 840-3737 or send an email inquiry to our legal team right now.