Personal Injury Case Results Obtained By Goidel & Siegel LLP

Past results are no guarantee of future success — and every injury case is unique. However, the following outcomes that our New York City-based lawyers have obtained for the seriously injured in recent years provide excellent insight into the diverse cases and lawsuits we handle. Our lawyers build cases for trial and take them through appeal when necessary, often overcoming disputed or controversial accident circumstances and rigorous defense efforts to avoid liability.

  • $5,500,000 Million recovered for an injured worker

After years of successful litigation, Goidel & Siegel obtained a multi-million dollars settlement for our client who was struck by a piece of equipment while working at a construction site. This gentleman sustained neck and back injuries and underwent a number of surgeries.

  • $3,500,000 Million Recovery For An Elevator Accident Victim

Goidel & Siegel LLP obtained a $3.5 million total settlement for a 27-year-old elevator worker who fell down an unguarded elevator shaft when his work platform collapsed, suffering multiple bone fractures and internal injuries. Multiple defendants settled during trial, and another, though uninsured, agreed to pay $250,000 after being found liable by the jury.

  • $2,100,000 Million Settlement For A Worker Injured During Demolition

Our client fell from scaffolding and sheet metal landed on his knee, causing a nondisplaced fracture, torn meniscus and torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which ultimately required total knee replacement. He also developed a post-operative infection that required further hospitalization. On appeal, the plaintiff was granted summary judgment on liability pursuant to Labor Law §240(1).

  • $2,000,000 Million Recovery for a burn victim

Goidel & Siegel obtained a recovery of $2,000,000 for a woman who was burned by scalding water as the result of her landlord’s negligence in maintaining the hot water distribution system in her apartment building.

  • $2,000,000 Million Recovery For A Child Struck By A Van In Red Hook Park

A van owned by the city of New York struck an 8-year-old boy on a path inside the Brooklyn park. The injured child suffered a femur fracture requiring insertion of percutaneous pins, surgical removal of those pins and application of an external fixation device, as well as extensive physical therapy.

  • $1,500,000 Million Recovery For A Queens Automobile Accident Victim

A van owned by a department store chain struck our client, an accounting student who was driving his car in Queens, New York. The student suffered a fractured hip and internal injuries.

  • $1,250,000 Million recovered for a worker struck by a piece of falling material

Our client was struck by a piece of falling marble while installing wall covering at a construction site. He sustained shoulder and neck injuries and underwent surgery to address his injuries. This case was litigated through the point of trial for our client.

  • $1,025,000 Million recovered for a gentleman injured as the result of an improper police chase

Our client was the victim of an improper chase between a police vehicle and a another vehicle that resulted in a collision with our client’s stopped car. The NYPD and the operator of the other vehicle were sued and, again, after extensive litigation, we brought about a settlement that adequately and properly addressed our client’s injuries.

  • $1,000,000 Million Recovery For A Slip-And-Fall Accident Victim

Our attorneys successfully represented a 35 year-old woman who slipped on a puddle of grease or oil and fractured her knee while walking down a ramp in a New York parking garage. We presented evidence that the ramp was excessively steep, had no handrails, lacked a nonskid surface and did not have an intermediate landing.

  • $900,000 recovery for a slip and fall victim

Goidel & Siegel obtained a $900,000 recovery for a woman who slipped and fell down an interior staircase in an apartment building, sustaining injuries to her back.

  • $700,000 Recovery For The Victim Of A Pedestrian Knockdown

During a nighttime rainstorm in Manhattan, a speeding car driven by a rental company employee struck our client, a 72-year-old physician who was crossing a street illegally in the middle of the block, fracturing his knee.

  • $600,000 Recovery For A Trip-and-Fall Accident Victim

A pedestrian fractured his knee when he fell over an illegal curb cut made by the owner of the adjacent property in order to create a driveway. We established that the curb cut violated existing codes.

  • $550,000 Settlement For A Workplace Fall Victim

Our lawyers represented an elevator repairman who fell from a ledge on a Brooklyn building roof, fracturing his wrist and tearing a rotator cuff. The owner of the building settled the case during jury selection.

  • $500,000 For The Child Victim Of A Hit-And-Run Pedestrian Knockdown

An elementary school student ran out of his schoolyard through an unattended gate and into the street one morning. He was struck by a hit-and-run vehicle, suffering a broken leg and internal injuries. We filed suit against the New York Board of Education, which settled the case after jury selection.

  • $455,000 Settlement For A Factory Worker Injured By A Defective Product

Our client, an undocumented immigrant employed by a fabric mill, suffered a severely broken arm that required surgery when his arm became entangled in a poorly designed fabric-winding machine. The defendant settled the case after the court ruled that a jury would decide whether the machine was dangerous.

  • $450,000 Settlement For An Elderly Woman Injured By A Bus Door

We tried the case of a 92-year-old woman who suffered a fractured hip when thrown to the ground by a closing bus door before a Manhattan jury. After filing a notice of appeal, the defendant agreed to settle the case.

  • $400,000 For The Victim Of A Stairway Fall In A Store

We represented a security guard who fell down the stairs at a retail clothing store where he worked and broke his ankle. We established that the stairs were in violation of the applicable building code.

  • $400,000 Recovery For A Rear-End Collision Victim

We represented an unemployed New Yorker in his 40s who suffered a herniated disk when his car was rear-ended by another vehicle in a low-speed crash.

  • $325,000 For A Student Injured In A Sports Accident

A high-school boy suffered cheek and orbital bone injuries on a school-sponsored trip to a rural camp while playing tag at night. We established that there was inadequate supervision.

  • $290,000 Recovery For A Nightclub Assault Victim

A man in his twenties, a patron of a Manhattan nightclub, was stabbed by another patron and suffered a flesh wound and a punctured liver. We established that the nightclub and its ownership were liable for his injuries due to negligent security.

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